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'How to learn best' is Glia Learning's key focus.  As both study skills and behavioural skills are of great influence on this process, Glia Learning provides INSET courses dealing with these issues:

If your school has other requirements for training, please call us to discuss them.  Glia Learning will gladly adapt or develop a course that meets your specific needs.

Glia Learning offers these INSET courses as twilight sessions or as (part of) an INSET day.  The courses can be delivered to all teachers in one group or to smaller groups as part of the CPD programme.

 Dr Martijn van der Spoel uses his many years of regular classroom teaching, responsibilities in whole school projects and his role as behaviour specialist in a London Borough as the basis for practical and ready-to-use tips.  The courses are rooted in psychology research explaining why certain techniques are so effective.

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