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Knowledge forms the basis for understanding. Understanding helps us to effectively evaluate. Effective evaluation is critical to building personal or institutional success. Within this structure of aiming for higher levels of achievement, questionnaires can form a very useful tool to pin point areas for celebration as well as weaknesses.

Glia Learning works with various types of questionnaires, such as those for collecting data on opinions, measuring learning habits or strategies, and evaluating progress patterns. If required questions can be added to optimize them for the target group.

The questionnaires are anonymous. However, if a school wants to track individual responses, it is possible to use codes which are only known to staff at the school.  The electronic version involves a code, provided by Glia Learning, which enables students to access a secure area on the website.

There are various ways in which the questionnaires can be used but the preferred way of working is to collect data in order to establish a baseline. This in turn is followed by a school intervention which again is measured by another questionnaire to assess progress.

Types of Questionnaires

  • Bespoke Questionnaire
  • FOCUS Questionnaire (Study Skills - KS3 & KS4)
  • Transition to Secondary School Questionnaire
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