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These are the glue cells in your brain and you have billions of them! Glia or Glial ( greek for glue) are brain cells that provide support and nutrition in the central nervious system. Click here to read more.

Glia Learning is an educational company passionate about conveying the best way in which we learn.  To create optimum dynamic learning processes our training and consultancy service is focused around three key drivers:

  • Understanding the subject thoroughly.
  • Exploring which study strategies work best. 
  • Creating a 'teachable moment' for each unique learner.

Glia Learning was established by dr. Martijn van der Spoel and is based in the UK.  Originally from the Netherlands he has worked in UK schools, both as a classroom teacher and behaviour specialist, for over 15 years.   Dr. Martijn van der Spoel regularly travels abroad to support students and teachers in other European countires.

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