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Stepping up to the new challenges at secondary school for Year 6 students Starting at secondary school offers students a new context to develop their potential. Although this is exciting, many students also experience a level of anxiety or wonder how they will settle.  This programme focuses on addressing issues unique to transition into secondary school with an emphasis on developing effective study strategies.

Students in this programme will be assisted in making these targets stick:

  • Creating a positive mindset as the foundation for learning at school and at home.
  • Understanding how the brain responds to information and recalls it.
  • Using the types of study techniques and practical strategies that enhance learning.

Specific transition issues discussed in this programme are:

  • Independent learning - Organisation for optimum learning
  • Building supportive friendship structures
  • Standing up against bullies 
  • Dealing with change 
  • Motivating your brain

To collect specific data on students' thoughts regarding this subject a transition questionnaire is available for students.

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