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Learning is a process involving many stages, each leading to a higher level of intrinsically motivated and more engaged learning.  These stages include for example that the learner is prepared to try something new and explore what works best for him or her.

In this workshops students can access lessons to develop their study and emotional skills enabling them to focus better on their studies.  The e-learning facility can only be entered through a code which can be used for a certain time period.  Glia Learning will provide this code to the contact person at the school as well as clear instructions for the students.

Students can complete the lessons at school or at home.  At the end they can print their work so that they can give it to the teacher or save it to come back to it at another time.  Students are encouraged to develop their research skills and will be given links to useful websites on the topic.

The lessons can, for example, form part of a school´s structured PSHE programme or be given as a project to complete at home.  The material follows up key messages covered during the presentations.  However, it is not necessary to have attended these presentations in order to make sense of the lessons.

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