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Focus Factors

Frame of mind (attitude)
This scale measures students' attitudes towards school and learning in general. For example, are they positive about what they believe they can achieve and can they motivate themselves to go for their very best? Have they got a goal in their lives and do they see the relevance of school to achieving this goal?

This scale measures the ability students have to organise themselves for school. This involves practical skills such as being on time for lessons and having the right equipment in the right place at the right time. This scale also measures students’ abilities to plan schoolwork in such a way that it is approached in a structural manner so that they feel in control and meet deadlines.

This scale measures whether students feel supported by a healthy social network. Three key areas play an important role in building such a network. First, the support students receive at home (parents, guardians, siblings and/or extended family). Second, the support students receive at school. For example do students feel that they can relate to their teachers and/or support staff? Finally, the support students experience and receive from meaningful friends at school. This support being of the kind that will help them to achieve at school.

This scale measures the ‘learning to learn’, i.e. the process of discovery about learning, agenda in schools today. It involves a set of principles and skills which helps students to learn more effectively and so become learners for life. For example, do students know how they learn best, are they familiar with basics about healthy living and self motivation?

Study Behaviour
This scale measures students’ basic study skills, i.e. their strategies and methods of learning. This involves many different areas ranging from removing potential distractions and effective time management to using tried and tested tips to remember information better and study with higher concentration levels.

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