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Student - Revision Box

Revision Box

The most frequent question I get from students is about memory and how they can improve it.  I often answer this by asking back two other questions:

  • Do you understand the brain techniques that help you to remember more?
  • Can you organise yourself effectively for the volume of information you need to cover for your exams?

Without exception I have seen significant improvement when a student is prepared to invest on these two levels.  With this student in mind, I have developped a revision box.  The ready made box includes:

  1. Around 900 cards (equivalent to 12 Dacapo packs).
  2. Full colour 100pp A6 handbook called 'More or less'.  This explains the techniques which help you to use the cards best.
  3. Six 2.5cm nickel rings.
  4. Record card to evaluate progress.
  5. Soft earplugs (SNR 35dB) to focus better.
  6. Seven 'Momentum cards' to develop a successful routine (instructions are given in the handbook).
  7. FREE box (36cm x 19cm x 9cm) with five dividers to organise your revision.

The box is £23 including p&pPlease contact for payment details.

Revision Box
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